Jordyn Roach. Oregon, USA
I wrote perfectly backward with my left hand up until first grade when my teacher promptly told me to knock it off. I agree it was a counterproductive talent, but perhaps indicative of a different mode of natural thinking that would guide my approach to problem-solving and art in the years to come.
I am a filmmaker both equal parts cinematographer and director, who evolved slowly out of an artist as a thirst for adventure grew from a wish to a need. Lenses replaced paint brushes, and cameras became canvases. Light is my new medium of choice as I navigate the many realms of digital storytelling. A deep-rooted relationship with the vast forests, creatures and rain of the Pacific Northwest reveals itself in the subjects and settings of my work.
I gravitate toward projects that push the limits of creativity and physical abilities of a filmmaker. I adore cinematic expeditions into science and history as much as those into fantasy worlds. Above all, I believe that the indispensable worth of cinema, both in its consumption and creation, lies in its visual power to engender sympathy for those with whom we share this small blue dot.
In 2016, I graduated summa cum laude from the University of Oregon and Robert D. Clark Honors College with a B.S. in Applied Physics and a Certificate in Film Studies. A semester spent at FAMU in Prague, CZ, imparted a brutal European perspective on cinema construction that broke through illusory Hollywood paradigms. 
"Entangled" (Robert D. Clark Honors College Thesis Film)  • University (of Oregon) Film Organization Film Festival 2016: Judges' Award  •  Robert D. Clark Thesis Award 2017
"Fantasy" Girls Impact the World Film Festival 2017: Judges' Choice First Runner-Up