Dance by Natanael Leal Monteiro de Castro and Jim Ballard
  "Say You Won't Let Go" Cover by Albert Chang, music rights retained by musical artist. Shot as a non-profit collaboration with the local arts community. Filmed in Eugene, Oregon, barefoot on a frozen baseball field at 20 degrees Fahrenheit in December 2017.
Romeo & Juliet dance film for Fools Haven Acting Company. Director's Cut to Tiffany Lee's "Speak," Romeo: Cloud Pemble, Juliet: Nicole Trobaugh, Choreographer: Marc Seigel, Direction & Cinematography: Jordyn Roach
While shooting Second Unit Photography for Green Studio's "8 Types of Crazy" an epic road trip across the USA and back in 10 days, we went out to catch the sunset over the Bonneville Salt Flats near Salt Lake City, but missed it. Instead we got something much more special. No color grading here except for tiny exposure increases on two shots. AND it was shot on a Canon 5D with a Rokinon 14mm and no stabilizer. Sometimes it just takes working with amazing talent (Jim Ballard) and whatever mother nature gives you by chance for your filmic space. The music was an afterthought - but thanks Moby for your kindness to poor young filmmakers like myself :)

Filmed August 2016