Scepter & Sword Wine Co. introduces their new wine  line I, THE QUEEN with a classic-yet-modern edge. We created a media package of content usable across platforms. This included a 2-minute, story-heavy version of the video concept, as well as 3x 10-15 second versions that highlighted the brand's unique features and caught audience attention quickly. The shorter videos were intended for ad use with quick runtime requirements.
Video directed and Colored by Kate Woodman, Cinematography + Editing by Jordyn Grace Roach.
To support the brand's growth across social platforms, we began "The Spill", a YouTube show hosted by Chloe Caldwell filled with fun games, women-focused content, and uplifting stories. This show was then edited into smaller pieces for distribution across social platforms.
Videos created by Jordyn Grace Roach. Produced by Scepter & Sword Wine Co. Title, credit, and transition animations by Workshop Built. 

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